Ugh men lol


I love my other half and he’s great but omg men! So he had a cap pop off his tooth and has been needing to make an appointment but taking his sweet ass time to do so. I get he’s busy with working 6-7 days a week 14 hours a day. So this man waits till he has an unbearable toothache before making an appointment. But really why do men act like such babies when they are sick or have a toothache? He got home yesterday and lays on the sofa covers his face with a pillow and just ignored June baby. Like what they can’t parent when sick or in pain? I was so close to saying suck it up and get the hell over it! I mean I’ve had mastitis twice, been sick with a cold, a few fevers, completely run down and exhausted and yet life still went on with the cooking and the cleaning. I’m pretty sure this is why we are the ones with periods, carrying babies, and giving birth. I man would be crying and need the entire period off work. If a man got morning sickness they’d be off work the entire 9 months. After child birth they’d be 6 foot under ground ha ha. Men might have stronger muscles be able to lift more weight and stuff but they truly are the weaker sex lol. Rant over lol hopefully it made you laugh or relatable. I’ve just never understood how they act so tough then a cold or a toothache they act like they are going to die 😂