This sucks hairy balls!! 😤

I can’t cum. I can’t orgasm. I can’t relax enough I guess. I’m so frustrated it’s like my clit is broken the whole darn thing is not working. I rode my husband’s face. No orgasm. Then we had sex (me on top) no orgasm! Solo play just me some slippery lube and my own hands, NO orgasm. Dim the lights, tried to relax, listen to a calm sexy story, pulled out the vibrator, NOTHING! It’s like she’s unresponsive down there. It weird bcuz I’ve been Kinda horny for the past three days it’s just that I was too busy with work and then I went out and I was too tired to even attempt LAST night. I fell asleep on myself. My husband was at work so it was just me and my toy. By the time I clean and prepped I was too tired already and fell asleep naked with my fun time on the night stand. 🙄 idk if I’m too in my head or if I have a physical problem 😥 it’s really quite frustrating. Don’t bother recommending porn, pppshhh. Please SEND HELP. I am worried. I have never had all 4 ways of reaching orgasm fail.