A one night stand… Part two

When I get home I get a text.

Unknown- Hey, last night was fun. When can I see you again?


I panic! I have a boyfriend! This was supposed to be a one night stand. But as I remember our conversations from last night and the way he fucked me, it was hard to turn him away. I was fighting the urge to meet him again. I mean what was the harm anyway? My boyfriend is gone, and I need this. I text back,

Me- Thursday, I’ll send you my address.

It’s stupid to think this would would out. I mean I didn’t even know what I wanted from this. What I did know was that I’m hurting. My boyfriend had hurt me and I didn’t see us getting passed this. But Dylan… he makes me feel so good. He listens and cares. Just in the couple of conversation we’ve had I’ve felt so important. That’s what I deserve.

As Thursday comes closer my excitement only grows. We’ve talked a couple times in the last few days but I’m excited to be with him. I’ve convinced myself this was ok, and Dylan was good for me. But what did I know, we only just meet.

It’s Wednesday night. I’m going to see him tomorrow. The excitement built up inside me makes it hard to fall asleep. I slip my hand down under my panties and I linger on my clit for a second, I’m thinking of Dylan.

I reluctantly slide my fingers down past my lips and into my pussy, and I’m so wet that I slide my finger in an inch. I look down and my nipples are hard as fuck. This is what Dylan does to me… isn’t this good? I slowly move my finger farther in, hitting my g spot. I start pulsing my finger faster and faster, getting into a rhythm. I add another finger and pulse harder.

With my other hand I rub my clit slow, in sultry motions. And I pump my fingers even faster. I can feel a string of pussy juice from my labia to my inner thigh and I felt that soft spot between my pussy and my asshole twitch. The more I rub my clit the more the sensation grows. It’s intense. My whole body is trembling, and I feel electricity in the soles of my feet. I curl my toes and it only intensifies the feeling. As I cum I moan loudly. And I think of Dylan.