Nausea (Early pregnancy?) before period

Has anybody else experienced anything like this?

So my period is due in 2 days, and I’m convinced I may be pregnant. I’m probably symptom spotting and wishful thinking but I’ve had the following:

Breasts sore to touch when washing

Waking up with nausea

Have thrown up (but only once)

Nausea throughout the day

Aversions to food/smells - my partner heated a shepherds pie a few days ago (that I love!) and the smell almost made me throw up.

My partners 3 year old had a yoghurt and without even looking at him I was like urghh what’s he got cause it smells disgusting (never been bothered by any food smells previously!)

Had some stomach cramps over the last few days, I don’t normally get period cramps until mid period.

Also have a slight headache (if I can even call it that? More like a twinge) that comes and goes occasionally.

Has anyone had any of these prior to a bfp?? Or if you did and it wasn’t pregnancy related then what was it?

These symptoms are not normal for me, I’ve never had symptoms pre period, I suffer cramps during periods normally.

Thanks for help!

UPDATE: thought f*** it, did a Tesco health pregnancy test that I had left over from last month- BFP!!!

Waiting on my partner bringing me some more on his way home from work because that’s the only one I had in the house. Fingers crossed a few more tests confirm and it’s not just a false positive.

UPDATE: took 2 more digital tests, both positive! Clear blue says 2-3 weeks. ❤️