Here for some advice!

I took my one hour a few weeks ago and I got 139 it needs to be below 140 my doctor said. Becuase it was close he wanted me to repeat the one hour, I did today and I got 187, way to high he said. He doesn't even want to do the three hour. We are going straight to testing for two weeks and I have to log it all down after two weeks he will look over my logs and we will go from there. I got my meter here in a few hours and will start testing 2 hours after every meal. And first thing when I get up. What I need help with is what are good numbers to look for? My doctor didn't say anything about numbers to look for , he did tell me not to change my diet during these two weeks, I just really want some advice and to be in a group that understands how sad I feel right now! I know it's not my fault my body is doing so much right now.