Guilty about wanting a baby 🙁


Everyone always says, “Don’t have a baby until you’re financially stable” or “having a baby when you can’t “afford” one is irresponsible and selfish” but I can’t help but want my own little baby so bad 😭😭 now we’re not necessarily financially stable but we’re not doing too bad either. We aren’t living paycheck to paycheck by any means, and we make pretty decent money. My granny always tells me that it’s gonna be hard regardless, and if I feel ready I should try. I’m 23 and my husband is 24. I miscarried in 2019 and haven’t tried since, but I’ve been working at a preschool part time, and I love these kids so much, and it just reminds me that I would’ve had one of my own already. What do you guys think? Is it always smarter to wait, or do you feel like you know when you’re ready?