Isolating away from my baby


I feel like I’m living in a effing nightmare.

I tested positive yesterday after being told I had been in contact with someone. I have been isolating away from my baby girl who’s 9 months old and breastfed since midday Tuesday.

She and my husband have tested negative but I have to stay isolated for the next 8 days and I can’t do it! It’s so painful to be away from her.

I’ve continued to breastfeed her with a mask on and clean hands like the guidance says but it’s getting increasingly more painful to see her and leave her for me. I’m just stuck in my bedroom and get to go sit on the stairs to feed her a few times a day. I’m so scared this is going to effect her & our bond.

I can’t find any guidance on mother’s isolating away from their baby’s apart from newborns.

I’ve been with her every second of her life and this is my last week of maternity leave and it’s been ripped away from me

I’m just having a really week moment and can’t stop balling my eyes out, every fibre of me needs to burst into her room right now and kiss her and squeeze her, but I’m a harm to her and it’s the most painful feeling