I’m dating someone that my best friend had sex with


RANT: My best friend and I live in a very small and close-knit city— I could literally throw a rock and hit someone I know. We have been friends for years and I have supported her through the trials and tribulations of her personality disorder throughout the years, but it’s very difficult. She’s a very sexually-liberated woman and has had about 150 local sex partners (not that there’s anything wrong with that). A lot of the guys, I personally know from school. This is what she’s known for in town. She literally has “America’s Top Whore” in her social media bios.

There’s this guy that’s on her list that I had a bit of history with. He’d pursue me a few times and nothing serious came from it. She ended up having sex with him a year or so later. He and I became close friends after my dad passed last summer. We have been two peas in a pod since and we’ve both fallen deeply in love and have even discussed having a child soon.

The issue is her. She treats me like I’m a horrible person and says that he is “preying on her friends.” He was just a guy on her list of many. They only had a one night stand two years ago. In past arguments, I have told her that if I couldn’t be with someone she’s slept with already, I’d probably be dodging half the city. This wasn’t one of my most favorable moments, but it’s also not untrue. I don’t wanna be the friend that chooses d*cks over chicks, but I love this man and I’m not giving him up just to make her feel more comfortable. :(