So much bloat/announcing pregnancy


After my loss in April I was so disappointed that I had not been able to tell anyone about the baby before it was gone so I thought if we got pregnant again, I’d tell everyone as soon as possible.

So I took the announcement video and edited it and still haven’t shared. I’m only 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant and after our loss in April my husband seems hesitant to share the news and I think it’s probably because he doesn’t want to announce until there’s a smaller chance of another miscarriage. I’m suddenly completely ok with waiting to share the news too. I really enjoy having a secret that only the two of us know about.

However, this is my fourth pregnancy (including the miscarriage) and my body is pretty familiar with stretching to accommodate that growing baby. Between the bloat and my constant nausea and exhaustion I’m not really sure how much longer we’ll keep our secret before people start to guess 😅 for now I’ll be wearing my loosest clothes and trying not to gag at every smell.

I’m not really sure why I’m posting this other than to ask if anyone else has started off super impatient to share their news and then ended up keeping it a secret longer. Also, here’s a picture of the bloat 😂 I never even had a tiny bump until 20 weeks with my first two pregnancies.