Right sided aortic arch

Daphne • First time mommy

So I had another growth ultrasound 2 days ago where my OB/GYN told me she suspects baby has a right sided aortic arch but she wasn't 100% sure as she had trouble getting a decent visualisation.

My 30 weeks US is now going to be done by a specialist to check, but it's still 4 long weeks till then.

She said that the condition isn't very severe but didn't give much more information and I was to startled to ask anything.

I googled a bit and I know I shouldn't have because google always displays the most severe cases (it's often seen in children with down, other trisomy disorders or combined with other heart malfunctions), but I also found that a lot of people have this whiteout even knowing or that it can be treated if needed with minor surgery.

If anyone has some experience with the disorder I would love the hear...