This made me laugh- and want to throttle my bf 😂


I live apart from my bf and want to wait to speak to him in person about my suspected pregnancy - but I can't help dropping little hints, like how "unusually" hungry I am, the nausea, the fatigue, moodswings... and omg he comes back every time saying how he is feeling the same-!! It's soooo frustrating 😂 it's like that friend who, any time you tell them something you have wrong, they tell you they do too + make it about themselves!!! I remember my mum telling me this is a man-thing in general but WOW 🤪🤪 haha that's all, I just had to share/rant as it's getting silly now😂 i wonder if i tell him my boobs are sore he'll say his are too 😂😂