How likely am I to get fired?


So I've been off work 3 times in 12 months, so my work have arranged a formal sickness meeting. I just got a letter today reading the time and place for the meeting (its in a few weeks), and "This will be a formal meeting which could result in you being put on first formal notice of being at risk of dismissal" 🤔 which sounds like a whole word soup.

All sicknesses have been pregnancy related and I've only had 1 day off per sickness. The first was because I had a cyst in my first trimester that ruptured. I was in extreme pain and had to go to hospital because they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy. The second was I had really bad morning sickness - I ended up being sick all over my car and couldn't clean it without vomiting more so I gave up and called in sick 😬. The third was I had contractions and pains every hour or so any time I lay down so I didn't sleep until 7:30am and my 12 hour shift started at 8 so I thought it would be safer to rest and see my midwife. Before April I hadn't had a sick day in over 2 years.

They also sent me a letter a few weeks ago telling me I had until Autumn to have the covid vaccine or lose my job but after a lot of emailing back and forth, they said I can wait until my third trimester. I feel like my pregnancy is an annoyance to them and everyones getting sick of me being pregnant and expecting special treatment 😩 I'm worried if I end up being off sick again I'll lose my job and I can't promise I won't be off sick again. I'm 23w+4 now and don't plan on going off on maternity leave until around 38 weeks. There was rumours that I might have to leave at 28 weeks and be put on "medical suspension" due to Covid but my manager isn't sure if that's still a thing with restrictions being lifted.