I want to have a baby…

I’ve been dating my bf for almost 2 years, with previously knowing each other/dating in high school we’ve known each other for almost a decade.

We are in a stable and serious relationship and have been living together for over a year now.

We aren’t engaged yet, but I’m ready to take the next steps and get married and start a family, but I also want to respect him and his timeline on how he wants to propose and all that.

I thought it was just pms hormones making me want to get pregnant and have a baby but it hasn’t gone away. The more photos and posts I see of friends and family getting married, getting pregnant or having babies it makes it all more real that I want to have a baby sooner rather than later.

However, I want to be married first. Nothing against others who aren’t, that is just my ideal situation and how I would like to do it.

Any advice on how to handle this and/or what to do?