Help! Pregnant? Not Pregnant? Undetectable Miscarriage?


I'm now 3 days late, HOT was a BFN last night. I've had a pad on thinking my period was coming because I saw some dark red/brown colored blood when I wiped. It's had red in it but I have NO flow. It'll happen every couple of hours and every thing in between, there's nothing when I wipe. My cycles have recently gotten longer by 7 days at most.

I was thinking I was late because I was in a head on collision last week on tuesday... so I thought the trauma and the stress contributed to my lateness.

I am having sore boobs, frequent urination, constipation, gas and some slight back pain but the boob soreness and back pain may also coincide with the bruising I received from the seat belt and the whiplash.

I'm gonna wait another day or two before I test but here are a couple of pics for reference.

This was about 3 hours ago...

And the 2nd pic was right now...