Behavioural issues

Kendra • First time mom to my baby boy, 06.04.19 💙

Before I say anything, we’re currently waiting on a call from a psychologist for autism testing as my son is showing lots of signs so keep that in mind as you’re reading this

My son just turned 2 in June and he’s just not listening to me anymore when he’s doing something wrong, he listens to his dad, grand parents, his daycare teachers, but not me. Lately his new thing to do is hit me in my face, but he only does it to me. He laughs as he’s doing it and the more I tell him no and even raise my voice the more he does it. I’ve tried time out, restraining him, the only thing that works is if I take myself out of the situation and leave the room. It’s happening so often that I don’t even want to be alone with him anymore (and I feel terrible for even saying that and like a horrible parent). I’m just feeling very defeated and I’m just done. I feel guilty because part of me thinks he’s just not fully understanding anymore as he’s already had a loss of skills with other things, I’m not sure if that’s possible but I just don’t know what to do anymore. He can’t talk or communicate (but knows his name and certain commands) and we’re on a waiting list for speech and hearing. But until we have a diagnosis there’s not much we can do right now and I just wish we could get him the help he needs.