My car my choices

My husband has a car. I don’t drive so wherever it is I need to go he will take me so I obviously drive around with him only. We both come from a religion where we say a short prayer at the beginning of each ride we go to protect us from any harm. Now his car is set in a way that within a minute of turning the car on his music will start playing. I automatically turn it off until I’m finished my prayer with our daughter and I tell him I do so too. Sometimes I turn it back on sometimes I don’t if we are having a good convo. But lately he’s been bringing it up that I don’t let him listen to his own music etc etc. My point is one; I’m doing it for a religious purpose and once I’m done it’s back on and two; I am only in the car about 3-4 times a week. He goes to work, gym, stores by himself where he’s free to listen to whatever he wants so why can’t I choose whether I want to or not just when I’m in the car?

Do I need to change my pov or am I fair four doing so?