Would you let your boyfriend help his baby mom on her bills?

My boyfriend and I have been together only 4 months. When we first met I didn't know he was married (separated). I found out he was still LIVING with her and I told him it's either me or I'm going to leave you alone and tell everyone he knows how horrible of a person he was, because you don't play with anyone's feelings like that. I also told him he needed to tell his ex wife about me because why string her along when you have me?

He has been with me since but he's told me she's not really financially stable without him because she was a SAHM. I understood but it's been literally 4 months. He says she has got a new job but still 30$ behind on your bill?

She sees my boyfriend as nothing but money! That's all she wants from him, even beg for money "for his son" (when he has everything he needs literally). I've tried to tell my bf she's very money hungry but he says she's not and just need a little help. I told him If he helps her he's an idiot and is being used. She could have asked anyone else for 30 bucks but want to ask my boyfriend. Would you be upset if your boyfriend was PAYING his baby mother bills?

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