Wedding date interferes with family member’s work schedule… HELP😩

**sorry for the novel😅

I’m not sure if this is the correct board to post on, but I just recently got engaged and have started planning my wedding. (🤩🥰😍)

My fiancé is a high school coach and teacher so his schedule is pretty chaotic and we have to revolve a lot of our appointments and life events on his schedule, which I’ve always been okay with because I knew going into this relationship that’s how it had to be if I wanted to stay with him.

My entire life I’ve always dreamed of a fall wedding. Well, dating a high school football coach who has now turned into my fiancé kind of steers me in different direction, which I’M okay with. My mom and older sister completely disagree and are not.

Our first choice was the end of May, but then he realized the love and passion I have for a fall wedding (😂 I’ve planned my future wedding my entire life, and going back on my notes and Pinterest boards most of them revolve around a fall wedding.) so he compromised and said we could do a winter wedding in December or January so I could still have some of my “fall wedding” dreams, decorations and plans.

I was on cloud nine, we went and looked at our first wedding venue yesterday and even though I know we most likely will not choose that one (because how often do you choose the first venue lol but my options are open!) they even have availability for December or January, making me even more excited. I call my mom and older sister all excited and dreaming of my wedding, with yes, one change to it that our wedding would be this year instead of next year like originally planned. They immediately slashed the entire idea down and really upset me to be honest. My older sister, who is practically my best friend and I go to with and for everything, she has always always been there for me, tells me that she will not be able to be a part of my wedding at all during the months of September, December, or January because of her work.

I felt like my entire life and wedding was crashing down on me.

I know it’s not their day, it’s strictly for me and my fiancé, but I also can’t imagine having my wedding without my older sister there by my side through most of it, if not all of it.

I do not know what to do and I’m freaking out😭

Has ANYONE had this happen and how did you handle it/resolve it!?

I’m afraid if I keep mine and my fiancé‘s plan of having a wedding this year that it will cause a lot of turmoil between me and my sister whom like I said, is practically my best friend and has been my backbone through lots of hardships in my life.

** I understand it takes a lot of effort, work, time, and much more to plan a wedding and you normally need at least a year, but if I can get it done for this year I would be ecstatic and over the moon. But, I have my mom and sister not fully on my side and idk what to do and/or feel other than devastated and stressed even more😩