About my only fans post.

I posted yesterday about jokingly thinking about making a only fans account but I forgot to add if I did decide to do it I wouldn’t show my face. Some people I know didn’t and they still made good money. But this was just a thought lol but once again I do have a full time job. Oh and to the one girl who said why do I think I’m better than the rest of the porn stars and ect who make a lot of money why do I think I have to automatically make a lot of money. Whatever the statement was.. well for your question I don’t! It was only to give it a try and if all fails then that’s that I was just seeing everyone point of views but of course there’s always some negative Nancy. Laugh! It wasn’t meant to be a serious negative post. And for the other ones thanks for the feed back. Y’all are the best. I just have to find another second job. Lol shit is so expensive nowadays and even with making a good amount of money at one job rent kills your pockets alone. 😩😩😩