Strong willed children


I just want to offer up some encouragement for those of us that are dealing with the “terrible twos” right now. Most days I feel like I’m going to lose my mind but every once in a while our consistency in discipline pays off. My son threw his breakfast everywhere this morning and we put him in timeout four times before he finally calmed himself down. He is now playing peacefully by himself. It took an hour of listening to him scream and roll around and cry, which is really hard, but we did it. We’re at my parents and my child is literally me when I was a toddler 😅 but my Dad came up to us and said we were doing a good job and he was proud of us. Keep consistent mamas, and I promise you your hard work will pay off.

Also yesterday he had a tantrum at a park and an older woman came up to us and said “I miss those days, I really do.” And it kind of put it all into perspective. Not that it makes this time any easier but it definitely made me take a step back.