Give me advice on what to do.

I mean any advice at all would be helpful because I don’t have any friends or family to talk to.

I’ve been seeing this guy for 8 months, I can tell he really does have deep feelings for me. I feel the same, I’ve put a lot of trust into him since my last relationship step me back. He makes me happy and feel amazing although he can be controlling and aggressive sometimes which leads us to argue almost all the time and it hurts, it’s slowly made me feel kind of depressed to the point of me crying everyday.

I decided to let us have a break for a few weeks whilst I give myself a chance to get better mental health and think things through. I hope I could be with him in the future, in a relationship.

Do you think giving us a break is a good idea? (We’re not together so I might lose him)

When we rekindle I’ll be starting uni, is the timing bad?