Donor/ ici

I’m about to be 37 I have three teenage kids from previous marriage. My husband and I have tried and want a baby together. Unfortunately, he isn’t able. The other day he decided we should use a sperm donor. Now suddenly I’m having doubts. This is all I wanted. He is an amazing dad to our other kids. We are in the perfect place financially and have so much to offer a baby but, now I fear I’m too old to do this all over again. I had so much energy being a young sahm before and now I have a career I’d like to keep. I like the freedom we have. I know 37 is not old it’s just Some days I come home from work too exhausted to even cook dinner will I be able to also handle a baby again!?

Anyone done ici with donor sperm? Please share your experiences

Or just share your experiences of motherhood in 30’s-40’s