My Brothers Bestfriend pt.1


This is my first story so no judging please! ❤️

I had just started reading my new book when I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Hey Melody, Aiden’s here if you wanna come say hi.” My brother said as he opened the door. I rolled my eyes I made one little comment when I was 7 that I had a crush on Aiden and my brother Landon won’t leave me alone about it. I mean it’s not like he isn’t attractive I still have a huge crush on him but he’s two years older than me andddd Landon would murder Aiden if he ever touched me.😂

I get up and walk down the stairs just a little behind Landon. “Hey Mel!” I will never forget that suducting tone. He looks up at me with his dark brown eyes wavy caramel hair perfect jaw line and his tan skin tone. That man only has one flaw about him and that’s the fact that is nose is just a little messed up from accident he had when he was little. “Hi Aiden watcha and Landon gonna do today?”

“New movie came out today we’re gonna go see it.” Landon replied

“I got three tickets but Sam bailed you want to come Mel?” Aiden asked I noticed a few features in his face that changed right then.. he was desperate he wanted really wanted me to come with them my face is turning red I look over at Landon he doesn’t seem to care. “Sure,” I say “let me go get ready real fast.” I run upstairs and change.

We get to the movie theater in 10 minutes I notice the movie is some sort of gun movie and I immediately regret coming I know I won’t like this movie I grab popcorn and a drink maybe I’ll make it through the movie without falling asleep. I sit down next to Aiden a few minutes in Landon gets up to go to the bathroom. I feel a small tickle on my left leg I look down and see Aiden’s hand rubbing my thigh I know I should stop him but I just can’t I have been waiting for this moment for so long I need to let it happen. He suddenly stops I look over and see Landon walking down the stairs. I get up and flash a 5 at Aiden signaling for him to meet me outside in 5. “I gotta go to the bathroom be right back.” I am sitting on bench next to the bathrooms waiting when I see Aiden walking around the corner, I just now realize what I’m wearing, a black mini skirt and yellow cropped shirt. He holds out is hand and tells me to close my eyes I do as he says as I take his hand. He leads me into a room of some sorts and locks the door.

He reaches his arms around me and slowly moves his hand down to the bottom of my skirt “Are you ok with this?” He asks I nod. He pulls it down and……