Clearblue Pink Dye?


What is everyone’s experience with Clearblue Pink dye as this is my first ever time using them? I decided last month that I was completely done with FRER, almost every month I was getting horrible indents and decided no more. Bought a bunch of Amazon cheapies and some Clearblue Pink Dye tests. 9dpo today and tested this morning with cheapie and BFN. Woke up from a nap later this afternoon (which isn’t common), so decided to test and used one of my Clearblue and almost right away I could see something forming. I had seen something on these being bad about waterlines, so I did push on it to see if the line moved (which it didn’t). Just wondering what others thoughts are on these. Are they just as bad for indents as FRERs? First pic from 3mm, second from 10mm