Bf made me abort in March and wants me to do It now

In march I got pregnant with my bf's child. He gaslight me so much to the point he convinced me aborting was the right thing to do. Until this day I regret it especially considering it would have been born in Christmas.

I'm 1-2 days late today and I'm scared I'm pregnant again. I've been on the pill and also on plan b during fertile days but we have been having raw sex a lot. I told him I'm scared I'm pregnant and he said he's not ready for it. I responded "I've told you multiple times to use condoms or have a vasectomy and you refuse." He responded "well I've been doing my part, Nutting in you, you're trying to trap me." I've been taking the pill consistently trying to avoid what happened last time yet he still blames me.

I told him this time around I'm not going through with an abortion and accept the fact I will be a single mother. He got mad and said I'm purposely trying to trap him. How??? If I've been taking birth control and plan b during fertile days. He's the one that refuses to use any protection