So frustrated with my husband! Need to vent

I love my husband. He is a good man, but boy is he challenging! I'm so frustrated with him. We have a 1 year old daughter who is walking and gets into everything and puts everything in her mouth. I've done my best to baby proof the house. My husband keeps leaving dangerous things out! Now I check the house all day every day and watch my daughter, but it is getting exhausting. Today when I got up there was a battery on the floor, two popsicle sticks that had been broken into little splintery pieces and left on the living room floor, and a chocolate milkshake spilled all over my daughter's bookshelf and books and not cleaned up (yes, this was my husband, not my toddler). The other day I was showering and he was watching her and I came back out and she had one of those "do not eat" silica gel packets in her hand (thank goodness not in her mouth!!!). Once I found a very sharp set of pointy tweezers in her room. I don't know why my husband had them in there in the first place. Once I found a sharp wooden skewer with sandpaper wrapped around it on the coffee table (???).

Ladies, I am frustrated. I've asked him to be more careful but he says "don't tell me what do to" (even if I ask, not tell). If I get upset about it, he gets more upset with me for "criticizing him." Yes, he has some emotional and mental problems. I love him, I'm not looking to leave him or anything. I make sure my daughter is safe by checking out everything before she roams. But it is getting tiring and incredibly frustrating! My sister thought I was overreacting when I said I don't trust my husband to watch my child by himself, but he has proven over and over that he doesn't understand what's dangerous and what's not. He opened a hot barbecue to cook while holding her when she was 6 months and didn't understand why I rushed over and took her out of his arms. I don't think I'm overreacting. I want to trust him but he makes some really questionable decisions and I can't just be like "well if my baby gets hurts she gets hurt." For the record, I don't tell my husband I don't trust him. I don't think that would be very kind. Anyone else experience anything like this?