Is he lying ?


My friend is talking to this guy she met on a dating app. He said he has his own house and his ex girlfriend and her mother can’t afford their own place so he lets them stay there for free since she has a child. He has 2 jobs and one of them is a contractor. They’ve gone out on two dates, he paid, bought flowers etc. but yesterday it seemed like he blocked her. They had plans to meet this Sunday. On Saturday at 2 PM she told me her texts did not say delivered. I texted him from New Jersey they went through, and she lives in Florida. So his phone is not off and it’s not a connection issue. I also called and it rung instead of going to voicemail. She thinks his live in ex-girlfriend may be his girlfriend or wife so she messaged him from her Apple laptop saying that she’s no longer interested and the message went through saying delivered.

Today is Sunday the day they’re supposed to meet and her number was still blocked until we did a three-way call using my phone number. He denied blocking her phone number saying that he had to work at a power plant overnight and they wouldn’t let him go home he also said he didn’t have access to his phone. Is this true? Do power plants not let their workers go home? I think it’s a lie and he’s playing games to make her chase