This guy


Hey ladies!!

I just need some advice… my friends think this guy is bad news, but I just find myself always thinking about him.

Okay this guy and I have known each other 6 years. He’s younger than me by at least 3 years. So I always told him call me once you get out of high school. Well he did. We got close and made out here and there but just didn’t workout. We cute each other off for 3 year (both went into different relationships and just grew as people). I graduated college, he broke up with his college girlfriend, we became in touch and he wanted to give his ex another shot. I was devastated. I cut complete ties with him and didn’t talk to him or reach out (except for his birthday) A year goes by… I hear from him. He reaches out and says sorry for the way he acted it, the ex was jealous of me (all that Bs) I forgave and we just kept in contact. Well this is hot girl summer so I may have hooked up with him. It’s been worth the wait. But I got feelings. He’s going into his senior year of college, he doesn’t want any commitments. I understand that. But I have serious feelings. I told him how I felt, he got scared and stepped back. We came in contact again, hooked up again and just talked. I am emotionally confused, I will be so crushed if he hooks up with another girl and I am in the state of mind that if it’s meant to be it will be.

He leaves in 6 days….

what would you guys do?