Pregnancy and miscarriage

For most people who try to have a baby it doesn't take long. Not the case for us. It took us nearly 10 months to get a positive pregnancy test
 Most people never have to experience the loss of a pregnancy. Again not the case for me. Not 1 week after getting the positive sign, that we had been waiting so long for, came the bleeding.  Then came the blood work and the phone call that I had lost the baby. 
1 week. 1 week is all I had. All the time I had with my child. And if it wasn't for the bleeding I wouldn't have known I had lost it at all. There was no pain. I was waiting for the pain to match the ache in my heart. 
Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be sad. That people who have longer with their babies have more of a right to be sad. But loosing a baby is loosing a baby, regardless of if you were 5 weeks or 10 weeks. 
If your reading this and your holding a baby in your arms give them a kiss. And if you are carrying a healthy baby, send up a prayer to those of us who have not been that fortunate.