Ease me mind

This is going to sound crazy, but here goes nothing. I have and still am terrified of having sex out of fear I will get pregnant. I took birth control for several years and then stopped taking it because I didn't have any reason or anyone to be taking it for. I am in a new(er) relationship and I started back my birth control a month ago...just in case. Anyways, we have not had sex yet because I know I am not ready, but we have literally done everything else. I was not worried about it, until I read that sometimes women get pregnant from the precum just from him being near the vagina. I have always had problems with pain from ovulation, but for the last few days I have had not only the pain, but also a brown sticky discharge when I wipe after using the restroom. (Tmi, I know). I of course googled it and it says that this is a symptom of implantation, but is also a symptom of ovulation. I have no other symptoms other than the spotting and cramping. Is this a result from starting back on birth control, ovulation, or possible implantation? My last period was two weeks ago.