10 days late!!!

So, I'm 30 years old. I have regular periods. I had my tubes tied after my second born during c-section at age 26. However, OB doctor couldn't find one of my tubes and said he believed it was somehow destroyed during pregnancy. (I had severe unexplained bleeding causing 2 blood transfusions and emergency c-section at 31 weeks) So, it was thought that to be the reason. Recently found out that my "missing" tube was very much viable after some testing and scans done by my new OB. Next appointment isn't until January 7th. I was in the emergency room Sunday after passing out in my kitchen and roommate calling EMS. They did complete work up including blood serum pregnancy test which was negative. They still do not know why I passed out. I am now 10 days late. For 2 days I've had horrible heartburn and constipation which is also not normal as I have IBS-D. I've been crampy and bloated feeling like my period is going to come any day now. And every day nothing. I'm not stressed and it doesn't matter either way if I am or not. I'd be happy if I was however I wouldn't be too disappointed if I wasn't. Anyone have any thoughts? Could the blood serum been too early? Been wrong? Or in my 17 years of having a period am I actually skipping one? I know the simple thing would to get a HPT however the blood test is throwing me off.