Symptoms at 8dpo❓❔❓❔

🌹💞Iesha Sheria🌹💞 • Join me in the Group "Mind Over Matter"

So here are a few of the symptoms I'm having...

1.Fatigue ....I work nights tho and I stay up til 430am on glow lol

2. Gas! TMI I know but so much of it!

3.sore breast ...they aren't like killing my but hubby can't really be rough either

4. Random cramping which started at 7dpo

5. Back ache all lower and I have a sit down job Sooooo IDK guys.

6. Heartburn... It's really mild but it feel it and I NEVER EVER had that until the month I m/c.

So yeah guy I have a few short symptoms but I feel this the month for me.!!! Baby dust to you all ✨💫🚼👶💫✨