My hubby seems to forget that i am pregnant

From a very beginning of pregnancy my husband was very carrying. He didn't let me to do any household chores, he was always asking how do I feel and so on...He was very worried about me and our baby all the time,this lasted until 12 weeks, when the biggest danger faded. But now I am 24weeks pregnant, and feeling quite forgotten... Last week I had to trow him a birthday party( clean all the house, prepare food and bake a cake) all alone,because he was working all day... It was too much for me and I was exhausted.

Most of the time he wants me to be active,so I always have to remaind that I am pregnant and I am always actively growing our baby in the stomach, so some days I just feel tired from "doing" nothing..

Also, He have never sayed anything about my beautiful round belly, it looks like he doesn't notice or is scared of it... Just then i say something about getting bigger ,he admits it.. He have touch it just only one time, when I was 19weeks and felt the first hard kicks, so invited him to feel his baby girl. She kicked one time and hubby seemed very happy and wanted to feel this again. But 5weeks passed and he didn't dare to touch it by himself without me, asking for it...

Also he doesn't talk or ask anything about baby... So I feel having MY baby,not our baby.. He loves me very much and the baby is planned, know that he is conservative, and sometimes has difficulties with showing his feelings,but I feel really bad about him ,not playing any attention to the pregnancy... Maybe it just hormones, but I am feeling soo lonely..