Girlfriend sleeping with her phone

My girlfriends Facebook and Instagram got hacked and things were deleted like pictures and what not. She instantly blamed me for it changed all her passwords and now sleeps with her phone under her pillow…

We are engaged by the way.. and I honestly don’t really want to marry someone where’s there’s no trust clearly In the relationship.

No matter how many times I told her I didn’t do it .. she still blames me.

I didnt no she changed her passwords the night before she didn’t sleep with it. When I asked to use her phone as mine was dead and charging to Google something I couldn’t get into it and said oh u changes your password? I said what is it? She hesitated to tell me and then Told me then she slept with her phone under her pillow the whole night . I legit couldn’t sleep and stop thinking about it …. Anyone else been with someone like this?