Haven’t had sex in over a month


My fiancé and I (we’re both women) haven’t had sex in over a month and it’s driving me crazy. I need that physical connection. We got engaged in May and our relationship has changed. She’s a pro athlete so she’s exhausted all the time from training. But that’s her job so I’m trying to deal with this being my life. She’s the love of my life and we still laugh and goof off with each other but a healthy amount of sex makes me feel more connected and it helps my mood as well (lol). I’ve talked to her about our disconnect/loss of intimacy and she just gets frustrated and tells me how exhausted she is. I’m being patient, but holy cow we’re 25, I thought we’d be doing it 24/7 😅

Maybe I just need to vent this but if anyone has helpful tips about trying to spark things up, please let me know.