Wedding disaster 🙃


My fiancé and I wanted it to just be him and I in the beginning and we planned on going to Florida to get married. Well his father found out and then talked him into letting his parents go well obviously then I had to ask my parents. As time went on both our families invited all of our families to go to our wedding in Florida. I voiced to my mom this isn’t what I was wanting over and over. She even made remarks about how I don’t have to get married and if we don’t then they can use the venue on the beach to renew their vows. Well three weeks away from our wedding drama started between my sister and I (calling me a failure and I’m a bad mom because our mom helps me a day out of the week with my six month old and I’ve been dealing with PPD) also drama in his family started. so I text my mom again telling her this isn’t what we wanted and I don’t want to do it anymore because I was getting no help planning it and now we have to figure everything out last minute when I’ve been asking for her help for months but she always said she didn’t want to talk about it and all she said “it’s up to you it’s your wedding” and then the next day acted like everything was okay went ahead and got everything planned and payed for after I told her it’s not what I want. I can up with the idea to ask my mom if my fiancé and I could still use the beach that was already paid for to get married but it just be him and I and now my parents are threatening to cut me off if they can’t go to the wedding and throwing everything that have ever helped me with (I didn’t ask for their help or money) in my face and calling me selfish. I want to make it clear I only invited my parents and they took it upon their selfs to buy my siblings plane tickets and invite them on their own without me knowing. Idk what to do now 🙂 am I wrong or are they?

Edit: I am in no way saying they can’t still go to Florida and we all could still go on a family vacation.