My step daughter is moving out now

Okay guys this is an update. Yesterday I was talking about me and my husband and son and step daughter moving into a house. My son is 14 ad was adopted from an orphanage in Russia when he was 8. He was severely abused in that orphanage and has brain damage and the mind of an 8 year old. My son wants to be in the room closest to our room because it makes him feel more comfortable to be close to me. That room is bigger. He wanted his 17 year old daughter to have it because she's older. His daughter said since she's always out with friends, boyfriend, or work that she doesn't care which room to gets. He kept fighting with me even after she said she didn't care. The rest of the night my husband was being an ass. He said I baby my son and that he's weak, even though he has the mind of a small child. I just wanted to go take a shower and he's still fighting with me, and then my step daughter told him to stop and he's making a big deal over nothing. He started cussing at her which I told him to stop talking to a 17 year old like that. So he threatened to take her car away for no reason. I paid for half that car so I said he can't take the car away because he's on a power trip so he starts punching holes in the wall, scaring my son and causing him to hide under the bed. So his daughter said she's done and moving back in with her mom. He grabs her and said she's not and pull his arm off of her. She called her mom who's coming this evening to get her. My husband has been making a big angry fit about everything and has been insulting all three of us. The title is in my name on the car so I'm just gonna transfers the title over to her mom so he can't keep threatening to take it away. Me and my son are going to my moms. I'm just not leaving until she lives because with how he's being I'm nervous to leave her alone.