Yellow spotting / stopped progesterone

Hi ladies! I'm 12 weeks and three days pregnant. This weekend I stopped taking my progesterone suppositories. I went to the doctors on Monday and we heard the heartbeat which was great- 172 bpm. Well I have a question, I've been having a slightly yellow discharge. I don't know if it's because I stopped the progesterone in this weekend or if it's normal in pregnancy and now I am just experiencing this discharge for the first time because I'm not taking the suppository anymore. I called my doctor to let them know today. They told me that yellow discharge is normal and that as long as I'm not bleeding or cramping that I'm fine. I just wanted say get your input to see if you think there's anything going on. I should also add that I had a Pap smear if you weeks ago and I have had my blood test for STDs and everything is normal. Nothing is 18 and there's no foul odor. I don't know what this yellowish tint is!