Telling my family


I’ll b 30 weeks next week .. I still haven’t told my whole family I’m pregnant or social media obviously... just my 4 sisters, aunts & grands on my mother’s side & about 10 or less friends .. but ik I need to tell my family 😩 I’m dreading it , I may get a little bit of back lash .. ik I will from my dad. With my first son I told him and the first thing he said was something about abortion, Idk if someone saw me or what but he called my older sister and asked “ which one of the twins are pregnant? “ I find it weird he never made attempt to find out. My whole pregnancy has been so peaceful & nothing but support 😌 and I don’t want it disturbed at all !!! Am I wrong for not telling my whole family? & when should I?, ik I will have to at some point point. 🥲