If you’ve followed me on her u know my journey !!

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So ladies I tried to get pregnant for a long time used fertility med “ leterozle & clomid “ as I have pcos ! Well some know I got pregnant in 2018 but that pregnancy only lasted until 18 weeks and I gave birth to a baby girl who lived for 3 hours before she passed away ! Then I had multiple procedures as I hemorrhaged

after giving birth . Then I had pylops removed a few months after an that’s when I also was diagnosed with a incompetent Cervix an that was the reason for me giving birth early fast forward I got pregnant with my rainbow baby conceived also from clomid I got a cerclage weekly progesterone injections an my water broke at 34 weeks ! Fast word a year later I started working out trying to get myself back in shape was taking diet pills an started to work out I was wondering why I wasn’t getting my period so I stopped the diet pills . was prescribed progesterone to start my period … it still didn’t come after 5 days of taking it so I called my doctor they schedule me to come in to take a blood pregnancy test. I had just went to the doctors on July 19 pregnancy test was negative !! So pregnancy was far from my mind !! LONG STORY SHORT SURPRISE WITH MY SURPRISE BABY !!! 💕💕💕🤍🤍 I was beyond shocked didn’t think I would ever conceive naturally!