Get my mans???


Okay story time.

So im 25, homeboy 46 smn like that. Anyway, i been working with him for 6 years. Side note, this whole time its pretty much been a fam type relationship. We are not blood related but through marriage through the older generations. Come this past month, he finally expressed his true feelings towards me. Even tho i was hesitant in the beginning giving the whole family dynamic i was thrown off by that even being a consideration. The other day, we were downstairs in the office. And he turned around grabbed me in kissed me. I ain’t pull back. I just let it happen. Now we pretty much sneak downstairs to well u get the point. Honestly, dont know how to feel. Even though idc what anyone has to say i just think its weird lol. But shit, i never got the feels he been giving me. Fuck it go get my mans? Or just stop in keep it business only.