Anyone else scheduled to be induced with first baby due to medical reasons? Advise needed


Anyone else with first baby scheduled or will be scheduled for induction due to medical reasons?

I have gestational diabetes and my doctor said she will have to induce by 39 weeks and she said i hope you go into labor by yourself otherwise induction is super painful with the first baby. Im scared.

I dnt know if we could choose elective c section and insurance will cover it or not. I dnt want to go through the pain of labor due to failed induction and then leading to emergency c section. I heard planned c section is better than emergency one. :( cannot decide to whether to ask for elective c section or try with induction. Also not sure whether insurance covers elective c section with first baby or not.

32 week at the moment. Baby growth is on track and normal at the moment. Controlling GD with diet at the moment.

Any advise or input will help. Thank you