Extra Income Ideas


I currently am on maternity leave and was planning on returning to my job after 8weeks but just got a great opportunity placed in front of me. I may be able to work from home and only work about 15-25hours a week. I would be able to stay home with my children and work around my own schedule. My husband is home one day during the week so I could get a lot of work done on that day plus have a friend who wants to come watch them for me for a few hours another day so I can work as well. Anyways, I’m hoping I get the position and on top of that my best friend will be my boss. I will be making about half the salary I am currently making, but would save a lot on not having to pay for childcare so it would work out to me only coming short about $200-300 less each month than what I am currently making. I am wondering what else I could do to just pick up an extra $200/month. I need ideas of something that wouldn’t be too time consuming and I can do it with having kids. Thank you!