Mind on a RANT… Questions!!! 🤯

Shawnna • I am 37yrs.old live in NYC 🏙 Wife 💍 to the love of my life💗💏😍😘 #librawoman♎️ 10|3🙋🏻‍♀️ We recently found out we were pregnant 🤰🏻 but only for a moment I carried our #angelbaby👼🏼 for a moment in my belly 🥺 and on 10|19 Our precious baby became our #guardi

So I went to see my GYN doctor on Wednesday. I had concerns of missed period. Since May 27th in which lasted 5 days. I went to see my primary doctor on July 15th. Doctor had me take a urine pregnancy test. Which came back negative! So I was believing I wasn’t pregnant. Even I still was feeling pregnancy symptoms. Fast forward to appointment on Wednesday with Gyn doctor. I took urine pregnancy test again. I explained I still have yet to have a period. I later found out from the nurse urine pregnancy test was negative. So my doctor ordered for blood work to be done. Also if blood work is not showing any signs of pregnancy. Then he will refer me to a Fertility Specialist. I am hoping for the best. Bcuz I’ve been peeing a lot lately. Legs cramping up, back aches, hot flashes, dizziness, headaches, stomach cramps very mild though(nothing like period). I’ve been feeling like crap lately.😩 Have any of you ladies. Gone through any similar situations before????? Did it result in a pregnancy???? Like I am wondering 🤔 I would love to have any ladies share their stories!!! Thank you for reading.💕