Relationship issues.


I’m 17 and my boyfriend is 19. In the beginning of our relationship he had a good friend named Chase that he spent a lot of his time with. Him and I made the decision to remove Chase from his life for the benefit of our relationship. This is because Chase put Colby in very scary situations, and Colby would smoke weed with Chase even though I asked him not to, and even gave Chase some of our weed for free after that. It’s been 8 months since and Colby has decided to allow Chase back into his life, on the promise that he won’t do drugs with him or anyone other than me, and that if something like that happens again with Chase where it really affects me, he will cut Chase back out again. My bf also started going to parties now. How do I get used to him having a social life? I know it sounds weird but for our entire relationship since quarantine we have spent almost all of our time together. It feels scary to have him hanging out and making a bunch of new friends.