Water Leaking? Slow Leak?

Hey ladies, second pregnancy here and just wondering if you guys had a slow leak what it was like?

Little back story I’m about 26 weeks so this is a little early for me to be concerned, but this week I have lost a ton of plug, I lost my full plug in labour with my first so this isn’t really something I’m used to. Anyways about half my plug one day and then a few days later another half. I know it regenerates so I wasn’t super concerned. A few days ago I started to leak fluid down my legs, clear, no smell or anything but I didn’t fill a pad so I figure just discharge. Well this morning I’m getting up and walking around to get dressed and I don’t have any underwear on and I feel a gush and just start leaking onto my floor, a whole bunch of droplets on to the floor. I have a adult diaper on (from my post partum box, I couldn’t find a pad😅) and it’s wet but I don’t think I’d consider it full.

Any thoughts ?