Does anyone else feel like it’s extremely hard to find a formula that sits right with baby. My son did not like my breast milk at all. He would eat so much of it just to throw it up and cry so I switched to formula. Even now two months later, we haven’t been able to find a formula that he likes. He eats it no problem, but he is so fussy and gassy after. He just cries after feedings and when he wakes up. It’s awful and I don’t know what to do! His doctor told me not to switch formulas unless there is blood in his stool…there hasn’t been but it has always either been hard and pebbly or watery and mucousy! I’m at a loss for what I should do. We just switched him from pro total comfort due to severe diarrhea to enfamil gentlease the other day and he is fussier than ever and is sleeping more and eating less. We have his two month appointment in 4 days but I feel like his doctor isn’t going to be much help? He is gaining weight like crazy, so the doctor doesn’t seem concerned..but they don’t see how uncomfortable he is after feedings