Never Ending Period


So I have been having really odd cycles. They are almost always very heavy and they last for a very long time. I know I need to get it checked out but I don’t have a job or money right now. I’m honestly very tired and keep getting light headed if I move too suddenly and I’ve been getting super cold really easily when that never really happens to me so I figure that’s low iron from blood loss? Idk. But this sucks.

I know it’s probably pcos, but I would really appreciate it if my period would stop because I need to get a PAP smear done so I can apply to donate a kidney to a family friend lol (my moms paying for the PAP)… but like… I’ll feel bad if I gotta go in and im on my period.

It’s not letting me post a video of what I’ve logged so I’ll be back with some pictures lol.