Cycle Day 1, Maybe 2

Hi all! Brand new to this app! I think I'm in cycle day 2. Had some brown spotting the past two days but yesterday had a bit of red in it. I've been wearing tampons since yesterday cuz I thought it was AF (she was expected 12/8). Don't think it's implantation bleeding although I'm not even sure what that should look like. Anywhoo, looking for a cycle buddy or any buddy! Been TTC for about 4 months for #1. Was on birth control for over 8 years and just got off at the beginning of August. This is my first month my cycle has been close to 28 days (29 this time). Since I stopped bc it's around 35-40, maybe due to being on the bc for so long? I'm not sure. Well hopefully this next month with prove to be promising and maybe I'll finally figure out this ovulation/fertile window thing! 😋 I've seen this as a good bye a lot and loved it so...Baby Dust to all! 💫✨