bf won’t be intimate anymore


i recently moved in with my boyfriend about a month ago. and until recently we have sex everyday and every time we see each other. but it all stopped out of the blue. he hasn’t touched me in a week. in the last 2 and a half weeks , we’ve had sex twice. even worse is he won’t even let me touch him. i tried to hold his hand and he threw my hand off him. said i was “smothering him” i’ve caught him jerking off twice this week. like i just feel so insulted that he prefers his hand, to me. and to make matters even worse, he hates being around me now. all he wants to do is play video games. and when he’s not playing video games, he’s on his phone texting his new little friends from the video games. like i’m just fucking sick of this. it’s like sleeping next to a stranger. he promises “tonight i promise” … never fucking happens. i’m just so frustrated. GOD and when we do have sex, its all about his pleasure. he’s never done foreplay, he’s never done oral on me. he straight up REFUSES to do missionary. i always beg for it cause it feels the best for me and he says no. like legit it’s to the point where a few months ago i said i wouldn’t have sex with him unless he did missionary for just a few seconds maybe even a minute. and yeah he’d rather not have sex. so i never brought it up again. everytime we have sex, me riding him. occasionally we will do doggy. i love him but i’m just frustrated. is it so hard for your own boyfriend to fuck you??? like i’m not even ugly either.